Who Are We?

The first, and arguable most important, question new businesses are asked is ‘who are they?’. We hope this piece gives a little insight into what ‘Boutiques Sites‘ is, who we are and what we want to do.

Boutique Sites is a website designer that is made for local SME businesses. We work exclusively with local enterprises.

We aim to provide affordable bespoke website design services to smaller, local enterprises that are not able to purchase an expensive website creation tool. Our aim is to help and support these local businesses run more effectively, increasing their reach and helping them grow.

The services we offer include new Website Creations, existing Website Refreshers and ongoing Website Maintenance. We are targeting the many local businesses who either do not have a website or else have very basic online presence. The purpose of ‘Boutique Sites’ is to explore what we see as a very large gap in the current market.

We want to create bespoke websites for local businesses, as well as providing our many other complimentary services. The aim of our business is to become well recognized in the local area for the services we provide. We want to see our clients’ businesses grow and increase productivity because of our services.

As the 2024 Blackrock College Transition Dragon’s Den Competition Winner’s, Boutique Sites’ affordability, local knowledge and comprehensive packages makes us a revolutionary force in the world of ‘Web Design’.

Our Website Design Packages begin at just €300! Making us the most affordable Website Designer in Ireland!

Core Values

Community-Our company exists because we want to emphasize community and focus on helping and promoting small businesses in the local area.

Growth-We are keen to help local businesses grow, by expanding their online presence, increasing their input productivity.

Collaboration-We feel strongly about teamwork and working together, we want to work with companies and build strong lasting relationships.

Want to find out more about us and get started on your online journey? See our website  https://boutiquesites.ie/ or email us at info@boutiquesites.ie!

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