What Makes Us Different?

In order for any business to exist, they need a Unique Selling Point. This separates them from others and gives them a needed competitive advantage. ‘Boutique Sites’ aim to change the landscape of website design, by giving smaller enterprises a route into the ever expanding digital world. So how do we do this? Here are the 5 USPs that set us apart from any one else!

1. Local Knowledge-

    Our local Knowledge is one of our main unique selling points. As a local business we understand what our fellow local enterprises want.

    2. Target Market-

      Our target market are owner managed businesses who need a more cost-effective website provider. This market is extremely undersaturated. Many SME businesses just want a brochure simple website to grow their business, it does not make sense for them to spend over €1,000 on such a project. This is where we help!

      3. Affordability-

        Boutique Sites’ affordability is one of the main reasons it would be attractive to clients. It is like nothing else offered on the market and suits the buyer’s needs.

        4. Comprehensive-

          The packages we offer are among the most comprehensive available. We put all our competitors’ offerings into one simple affordable package. Our affordability and comprehensiveness makes us the most cost effective website designers!

          5. Multi Service-

            By providing clients with the option of website maintenance along with bespoke website designs, it takes the hassle out of website management by keeping everything in one simple/secure place.

            Want to find out more about us and get started on your online journey? See our website  https://boutiquesites.ie/ or email us at info@boutiquesites.ie!

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